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Our history

Cartera de Inversiones was founded in 1990 with the aim of creating synergy in a group of companies belonging to the Vargas family, operating in different sectors of the economy and located mainly in Venezuela. With the vision to consolidate and develop new businesses, create synergies and generate value. In this way, the foundations of one of the main business conglomerates of Venezuela and Latin America were established.


Cartera de Inversiones arises, after the successful sale of Grupo Financiero Cordillera, which had been founded in Venezuela in the 1980s, with Banco Barinas and Seguros Cordillera as its core.


After its creation, Portfolio of Investments ventures into new markets and founds pioneer companies in various areas. In the industrial sector, he focused on the automotive business, founding FACORCA (Fabrica de Carrocerías Cordillera), which had the franchise granted by the British company Land Rover to assemble in Venezuela and distribute and export the Mini Cooper vehicle to all of South America and the Caribbean. ; also in the industrial sector acquires Aficheras Nacionales (STYLE), a small company focused on the outdoor advertising market and later builds one of the most advanced commercial coatings processing plants in the region. Turning today to Aficheras Nacionales in the leading company in its sector in Venezuela with more than 70 years of experience. Subsequently, he founded Alfa Real Estate Management and Real Estate Advisory Group GAINCA, in the real estate sector; In addition, it continues with financial investments with the creation of BOI Bank, in Antigua and Barbuda, and National Leasing, in Panama, both institutions operating for 25 years.


In 1992 Cartera de Inversiones acquired the majority package of shares of the Western Bank of Discount (BOD), until now chaired by the renowned Zulia businessman Alfredo Belloso, (founder of the COBECA Group), accompanied by a group of influential businessmen from the west of the country, among the that stand out Fernando Chumaceiro, Jorge Abudei, Iván González Rubio and Eduardo Gallegos. After the acquisition of B.O.D. In the short term, Cartera de Inversiones acquires Seguros La Occidental, an important insurance company, which already has 60 years in the Venezuelan market.


In 1997, Cartera de Inversiones, through its subsidiary companies, Cartera de Inversiones Petroleras, ventures into the hydrocarbons sector and currently maintains specialized operations and laboratories in Venezuela and Colombia.


In the year 2000 it continues its expansion in the Venezuelan financial market with the merger of Banco Noroco and Valencia Saving and Loan Entity, which gave way to Norvalbank. In December 2002, Norvalbank, Banco de Monagas and the Liquid Assets Fund B.O.D. This last merger is a very important step, since it allows the bank to become a Universal Bank.


After an interrupted career in the real estate and construction sector, in 2005, Portfolio of Investments formalizes its interest to participate in this sector and through subsidiaries initiates the development and construction of housing, commercial and business projects. Which by 2015 resulted in 449,328 square meters of housing and 220,508 square meters of commercial spaces and the generation of approximately 7,000 jobs, benefiting more than 3,000 families, through projects executed in Venezuela, Panama and the Dominican Republic.


In September 2006, Cartera de Inversiones Venezolanas acquired Corp Banca, a Venezuelan financial institution directed, until then, by the Chilean group Corp Group. With the acquisition of Corp Banca, B.O.D. reaches a growth that allows it to expand its financial offer to the central and eastern states of the country and becomes the operator of American Express for Venezuela, the credit franchise  most successful and oldest in the world. One year later the integration of the technological platform between both institutions becomes effective.

In September 2009, the Boards of Directors of B.O.D. and Corp Banca approve to request before the Superintendency of Banks authorization for the merger of both institutions, which became effective in 2013, after 5 years of having started the process.


In 2008, the B.O.D. initiated another important acquisition process that could not materialize. At the beginning of the year, it entered into negotiations with the Spanish group Grupo Santander to acquire what was then its subsidiary in Venezuela, Banco de Venezuela (the first bank in the country with more than 100 years of experience and proven track record). The government of Hugo Chávez nationalized the entity months later, when the purchase process had already involved the disbursement of a significant amount of money. Having been able to complete said acquisition at the time, it would have made the BOD one of the main banks in Latin America.


In 2009, it acquires the majority shareholding of the Savings and Credit Bank of the Americas in the Dominican Republic, which a year later it acquires in its entirety and transforms into Banco Múltiples de Las Américas (Bancamérica). Today, as part of the expansion process, Cartera de Inversiones through Grupo Financiero BOD operates in the Dominican Republic Plus Capital Market RD and Pymefactoring.


At the end of 2013, Allbank Corp. opens its doors to the General License Bank in Panama. This being the most recent significant undertaking of the Investment Portfolio Group in the international financial market.


At the beginning of 2015, Portfolio of investments installed a Regional Office in the Dominican Republic, from where the management of the assets located in the region is supervised, the development of new business and the management of Corporate Governance, including institutional relations and business sustainability.


Thanks to the strategic vision of its shareholders and directors, the companies owned by Portfolio of Investments begin to be leaders in their sectors, consolidating markets and generating value to their clients, employees and shareholders. An example of this was the B.O.D. It goes from being a regional financial entity, founded in 1957, in the oil state of Zulia, to being the third largest private financial institution in Venezuela. In addition, B.O.D. it is positioned as the 34th largest bank in Latin America, according to the 2014 ranking of the Analysis Unit of the América Economía Group. In one year, the B.O.D. it went from place 58 to 34, being one of the financial entities in the region that showed the best performance in loan portfolios, assets and deposits.


This effort and corporate mystique have led Portfolio de Inversiones s to the creation, in February 2015, of Grupo Financiero B.O.D. in response to the growth of the holding and the need to strengthen, even more, its financial arm. The Financial Group B.O.D. is made up of the following companies: B.O.D. (Venezuela), Allbank (Panama), BOI Bank (Antigua y Barbuda), BONV (Isla Curazao) y Bancamérica (Rep. Dominicana). Capital Market Entities: B.O.D. Valores Casa de Bolsa (Venezuela), Plus Capital Market (Panama), Plus Capital Market (Rep. Dominicana) and B.O.D. Fondos Mutuales (Venezuela). Insurance companies: La Occidental, Global Care, Salud Care and Planinsa (all of them in Venezuela). The group also integrates the companies Pymefactoring RD (Venezuela- Rep. Dominicana) y National Leasing (Panama).


As a result of almost 30 years of experience, Cartera de Inversiones is today one of the most successful business conglomerates in Venezuela, not only because of the number of companies it has managed to consolidate in different areas of the economy, but also because of its ability to expand operations in 6 countries of the region, exploring new markets, growing and generating value for its employees, customers and shareholders, but above all, for its constant contribution to the development of the economies of the countries in which it participates.

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