The consortium intends to double Bancamerica’s capital with an injection of 350 million RD$, and open two new branches. In addition, the group joined the real estate business through the construction of two tower buildings.

Caracas, July 3th 2018. To BOD Financial Group, Dominican Republic is one of the strategic markets of the region and will maintain its investment in multiple sectors to leverage the development of the country in the years to come.

This 2008 Bancamerica, the main Group’s institution in Dominican Republic, contemplates to double its capital with an injection of 350 million RD$, increasing bank’s capital up to 750 million RD$, while the next year is intended to invest 250 million RD$, informed by Raul Baltar, Executive president of this institution belonging to BOD Financial Group, in declarations to the Dominican media Listín Diario.

Besides, added that Banamerica –having eight branches nowadays- wil open two new branches this year in Punta Cana and Santiago City.

Raúl Baltar explained that the financial entity trusts on electronical updating, implementing technology in a way Bancamerica’s clients can digitally perform their transactions.

Baltar, who is also BOD Finacial Group’s general director, anticipated that they’re analyze the possibility of making other business in areas like energy, health, minery, among others in the country.

Nevertheless, BOD Financial Group joined Dominican real estate business, with the construction of two towers in the National District that will be ready at the end of 2019.

“We have a great bet on Dominican Republic. We are very motivated on keep investing here in banking as well as in other fields”

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