Santo Domingo, September 2018. On seventh consecutive year, Bancamerica coworkers simultaneously made a cleaning day of Dominican beaches, in Playa Güibia, in Santo Domingo and in Punta Inglesa, Barahona, where over 6.000pounds of waste were collected, plastic and glass among them.

The activity in Santo Domingo, in which about 80 employees of administrative and metro zone branch office participated, was led by the Executive Vice-president of the institution, Giacomo Giannetto.

Giannetto reasserted the commitment to the environment, “through our program Goes Green, in Bancamerica we built awareness raising in environmental matters, such as waste collection, trees planting, recycling, among others, motivating them to have little daily actions that help to mitigate damages to which our surroundings are exposed.

It’s noteworthy that Giannetto has also made a call to reflection about what we are doing individually to preserve and care about our environment, from which area we are working to leave a better future for our children and how much waste we are generating.

Additionally, he thanked the Ministry of environment and Natural Resources representatives, Blas Reynoso and Andrea Gonzáles for their support and labor during the whole activity.

In Barahona, the activity was led by Andrés Altuna, Business Manager for the Southern Region, who gathered about 40 Barahona Branch employees, Neyba and Vicente Noble, contributed to waste collection, plastic and glass among them in Punta Inglesa Beach.

This activity is part of Goes Green Program oriented to care and preserve the environment. Bancamerica is a financial institution belonging to BOD Financial Group, which has an over 60-year experience and presence in five Latin-American countries.